International Yoga Federation is a non-profit tax-exempt organization founded in 1987, celebrates the authentic yoga teachings of all traditions, the diversity, harmony and integrity of yoga practices throughout the world.
Our mission is to lead the global yoga community (world-wide yoga community), set standards, foster integrity, provide resources, and uphold the teachings of yoga.

I.Y.F. Presidential Elections

International Yoga Federation

Lic. Marisa Cheloni - Swamini Gauri and Fernando Estevez-Griego
Dharmachari Swami Maitreyananda, winds the IYF and WYC Presidential Elections 2012.

INTERNATIONAL YOGA FEDERATION is the World Wide Governing Body of YOGA.
It is the only fully democratic yoga organization in the World with real representation of delegates, from all  nonsectarian continental yoga organizations of EUROPE, AMERICA and ASIA
Asian Yoga Federation, European Yoga Alliance, Latin America Union of Yoga and Francophone Yoga Federation are members and the owner of International Yoga Federation, with international,  national and regional yoga organizations.The largest national federations of the world: Yoga Federation of India,  Yoga Federation of Russia,  Yoga Federation of Argentina,  Francophone Yoga Federationand and others are members of INTERNATIONAL YOGA FEDERATION.

Lic. Marisa Cheloni - Swamini Gauri
Exectuvie President  International Yoga Federation 2012 -2016

Fernando Estevez-Griego
Dharmachari Swami Maitreyananda
President of World Yoga Council of International Yoga Federation
2012 -2016

Votes and support 

Continental Organizations
European Yoga Alliance
Latin American Union of Yoga
Asian Yoga Federation
International Federation of Yoga Sports
Francophone Yoga Federation
Yoga Alliance International

National Organizations by Continent

Yoga Federation of Argentina
International Integral Yoga Society
Yoga Confederation of Argentina
Sociedade Brasileira de Yoga Integral
Escola Internacional de Yoga Integral
National Yoga Confederation of Brazil
Espaco Dharma de Yoga Integral
Patanjali Yoga Centre of Brazil
Centro de Yoga Flor de Lotus

Francophone Yoga Federation of Canada
Centre Padma Yoga
Integral Yoga Society of Chile
Shambala Escuela Yoga Integral

Purna Yoga School of Chile
Yoga Isaju Centre
Yoga Association of Cuba
Swami Maitreyananda Ashram
Yoga Niketan de Mexicali
Federación Mexicana de Yoga Universal, A.C.
Escuela Paraguaya de Yoga Integral

Yoga Association of Peru

United States
Integrated School of Yoga USA
Yoga Association of Uruguay
Yoga Association of Venezuela
Yoga Federation of Armenia


Scorpion Yoga Centre
Swami Asuri Kapila - Yoga Integrale Center of France
Institut International de Yoga (France)
Francophone Yoga Federation
International Yoga Integral School of Germany
Yoga School of Germany
Ganapati Yoga School

Georgian Yoga Federation
Karuna Centre of Integral Yoga Holland
Raja Yoga Institute of Holland
Yoga Integral Centre of Italy

Associazione Yogananda
Integral Yoga Association of Portugal
Yoga Federation of Russia
Yoga Association of SpainVasudeva
Tantra Yoga School of Spain
Escuela Mahashakti
Yoga Federation of Serbia
Yogahan- Yoga Centre of Ferhan Yuksel

Swami Sivananda Yoga Research Center of China
Yoga Federation of India
Indian Yoga Society
International Yoga Foundation
Indian Yoga Alliance
Swami Sivananda Yoga Research Centre
Yogagradha Centre TAMIL NADU of India
Ujjain Yoga Life Society, M.P., India
States Associations, India
Goa Yoga Association
Kimiagaran Body & Mind Health Institute
International Yoga School or Israel
Yoga Centre of Malasya Periama Sivaperumal
Malaysian Yoga Society

International Yoga Federation is the largest yoga organization in the world and is open to all yogis and yoga organizations.. IYF supports the minimum international standards for yoga teachers from 1987.

From 1987, the emphasis has been on mutual tolerance, respect, friendship, sensitivity and support of different approaches to yoga and an equal voice for every member of the Global Yoga Community

International Headquarters (America)
Oribe 1398. Fray Bentos, Rio Negro - Uruguay.
Phone Us: 005982 95357712
Headquarters in Europe
Av de Madrid,28-1º Dtº 1000-196 Lisboa, Portugal
Phone Us: 00351 21 848 56 90 - 91 405 45 52